Corporate Fleet Programme

At Mercedes-Benz Indonesia, we understand the importance of having a functioning fleet as the key to success in your business. Therefore, we support you with a portfolio of various management and service solutions for small and medium-sized vehicles

Fleet Program

• Special fleet support based on purchase volume
• Including additional retail program (if applicable)
• Flexibility on ownership program (company or Car

Ownership Program)With the fleet program, a professional Mercedes-Benz team will help you process every corporate requirement right away.

Financing Program.

Our fleet financing solutions are flexible, innovative and can be tailored to the requirements of your business. Driven by your sophisticated needs and our commitment to excellence, Mercedes-Benz Corporate Solutions makes fleet financing efficient and reliable by offering credit line facilities for the acquisition of your fleet. WE cooperate with several banks to match your financial needs. 

ISP – Integrated Service Package.

3 years peace of mind. ISP means free service maintenance and repairs for the first 3 years without mileage limitation, from the first registration date (Date of New Vehicle Delivery Certificate) of your Mercedes-Benz. This comprehensive service package comes with every new Mercedes-Benz passenger car as a standard. The ISP entitles you to:
• Manufacture's warranty, service, maintenance and repairs of your Mercedes-Benz at no cost (subject to certainconditions).
• You will enjoy carefree driving and there are no unpredictable service costs.
• High and uniform service quality from the authorized Mercedes-Benz Service Centers.

Mercedes-Benz Service 24 Hours.

Gets you back on course day or night. In the event of a technical breakdown or starting problems en route, Mercedes-Benz 24 hours service is there to help you. Our Central Hotline will respond to your call and arrange for prompt, professional assistance. Operating 365 days of the year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, our 24 hours service will be on its way to you in no time.